Sheikh Seid Muhammed Sadiq(1889-1969Philological, Historical and Patriotic Legacies

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Addis Ababa University


The main aim of the thes is is to bring to light the manuscripts of Sheikh Seid Muhammed Sadiq ( 1889-1969 E.C. or 1897- 1977). Moreover, the study seeks to ponray the cont ributions of Sheikh Seid towards documenting Ethiopi an hi story and deve loping Ethiopian patriotic consciousness as well as strengthening the Ethiopian unity. The study attempts to identify and classify the legacies of Sheikh Seid . His manu scripts, written in Amharic and Arabi c, are examined and analyzed. By so doing, the study provides a share of impetus for enriching the limi ted documentary evidence about the contribu tions of the Ethiopian Muslim clerica l scholars. The research endeavors to show the role of Sheikh Seid as an agent of patriotism and unity among the Ethiopian people. Further more, the study makes an eff O it to point out the contribution of Sheikh Surveilling some gaps in the political , social and cultural hi story of the country.



Historical and Patriotic Legacies