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Building Height and Layout analysis for Improved Residential Quarters; the Case of Some Selected Condominium Building Sites of Kolfe Keraniyo Sub-City, Addis Ababa
(Addis Ababab University, 2024-03-01) Habtamu Wesebo Lire; Asfaw Mohamed (PhD)
This thesis investigates mainly the current housing problems in Addis Ababa, which are getting worse and need an urgent solution. Currently, there are about 950,000 people waiting for the 10/90, 20/80, and 40/60 condominium house schemes. The existing condominiums are built with limited consideration of available space and a low building height without accounting for proper building location, i.e., slope, noise, wind, weather, and sunlight. There are also limited communal parking spaces, green spaces, and recreational areas, and there are cases where those spaces are used for other purposes and are not used by the community. Methodologically, the height regulation building prepared by the Addis Ababa city administration used questionnaires and checklists to collect data. The findings show that there is a lack of building height and layout for regulations condominiums, variations in the standard and existing conditions, a lack of building setbacks, and the condition of buildings contradicting the nearby villages. So, the condominiums that are going to be built at the government level to overcome housing problems require a system that needs to be controlled and completely meet standards. Key words; condominiums, community, building height, building layout, regulations…
Magnitude and associated factors of Intraventricular Hemorrhage among preterm neonates admitted to neonatal intensive care unit of Addis Ababa public hospitals in, Ethiopia, 2023 cross sectional study.
(Addis Ababa University, 2023) Alemu, Mihret; Sebsibie, Girum(PhD); ,Berhan, Yeshiwork
Background: Intraventricular hemorrhage is one of the most severe brain injuries in preterm neonates, especially in VLBW and ELBW, and is associated with some perinatal risk factors, such as antepartum hemorrhage, urogenital tract infections, chorioamnionitis, and some neonatal risks, such as mechanical ventilation, continuous positive airway pressure, intubation, asphyxia, respiratory distress, sepsis, and thrombosis. Objective: To assess the magnitude of Intraventricular hemorrhage and associated factors among preterm neonates admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit of public hospitals in Addis Ababa in 2023.Method: An institution- based cross-sectional study was carried out. The final sample size was 381 preterm neonates admitted to selected public hospitals in Addis Ababa from February 27 to March 27, 2023. The study was conducted in five randomly selected public hospitals in Addis Ababa. Data was collected using a pretested data extraction tool (Kobo) chart reviewed by the data collector. The collected data was exported to SPSS version 26 for analysis. Descriptive statistics to describe the variables were conducted for bi-variable logistic regression and multi-variable logistic regression analysis. Variables with a P-value < 0.05 in the multivariate analysis (final model) were considered significantly associated. The tables, figures, and graphs were used to present the findings. Result: The magnitude of Intraventricular hemorrhage was reported in 93 (25%), with 37.6% of patients having grade II, which was the most frequent, followed by severe grade III (24.7%), grade IV (20.4%), and grade I (17.2%), which was the least prevalent. Our study found that very low birth weight (AOR: 7.45; 95% CI: 2.12, 26.21), hypothermia (AOR: 2.53, 95% CI: 1.36, 4.47), Thrombocytopenia (4.03, 95% CI: 1.73, 9.40), and blood transfusion (AOR: 2.85; 95% CI: 1.18, 6.90) were independent factors for Intraventricular hemorrhage. Conclusion and recommendation: The magnitudes of Intraventricular hemorrhage were low compared to reports of other studies in Africa and globally, while the severity of Intraventricular hemorrhage was relatively high. Therefore, a further large-scale study with the same title is required to understand factors associated with Intraventricular hemorrhage among preterm neonates.
Moral distress and associated factors among nurses in West Arsi zone public hospitals, south-east Ethiopia, 2023
(Addis Ababa University, 2023) Desalegn,Lemma; Gela, Debela(Ass. Prof.); Boka, Abdisa(Ass. Prof.)
Background: Healthcare personnel, particularly nurses, are at a significant risk of developing and experiencing moral distress globally. African nurses' moral suffering has not been the subject of many research. Existing publications mostly focused on qualitative studies. Furthermore, data on the prevalence and associated variables of moral distress among Ethiopian nurses and across all working units in public hospitals is scarce. Objective: The aim of this study was to assess the level and associated factors of moral distress among nurses working in the West Arsi zone, south-east Ethiopia, in 2023. Methods: An institutional-based cross-sectional study was carried out from February 13 to March 2, 2023. A total of 349 study participants were selected by a simple random sampling method. Data was collected using a structured self-administered questionnaire, entered into EpiData 3.1, and exported to SPSS V.26 statistical software for further analysis. Descriptive statistics and logistic regression analysis were performed. Then, finally, statistical significance was determined using a p value < 0.05 and 95% CI. Results: A total of 349 participants were enrolled in this study, with a response rate of 98.5%. The mean (SD) age of the participants was 39.2 ± 7.0. Among all of the participants, 194 (55.6%) were female. The majority of the nurses, 293 (84.0%), hold a bachelor's degree in the nursing profession. The mean year of experience was 7.7 ± 6.9. The proportion of high moral distress among nurses was 73.1%. Being female nurse [AOR: 0.457, 95% CI (0.283, 0.740)], job dissatisfaction [AOR=7.67, 95% CI: 3.075, 19.121], and unfavourable working environment [AOR=4.069, 95% CI: 1.915, 8.648] were significantly associated with high level of moral distress. Conclusion and recommendation: According to this study, the proportion of nurses experiencing moral distress was high. Female nurses, job dissatisfaction, and unfavourable working environment were shows significant association with high level of moral distress. More qualitative research is needed to identify the fundamental cause of the problem and its relationship to female nurses, job dissatisfaction, and unfavourable working environment.
Health Related Quality Life (HRQoL) Among Patients with Childhood Leukemia in Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital,Addis Ababa,Ethiopia,2023.
(Adiss Ababa University, 2023) Kelbessa, Megertu; Ayalew, Yohannes(Ass. Prof.); Dugassa, Boka
Background:There has been a paradigm shift in health service delivery to a more holistic approach, which considers Health Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) and overall functioning. HRQoL is a multidimensional construct that encompasses physical functioning as well as psychosocial aspects of emotional and social functioning. Childhood Leukemia is among threats to HRQoL to the patients and parents of the children, which trigger extensive studies on the subject. Objective:The study objectives were twofold. Primarily, the statuses of HRQoL of childhood leukemia patients in TASH were assessed. Secondly, factors affecting HRQoL among childhood leukemia patients in TASH were examined. Method:The study employed mixed research approach where descriptive design and explanatory research design concurrently utilized. Questionnaire distributed to sample of 422 respondents with 100% response rate. Data were analyzed through descriptive analysis, regression analysis and correlation analysis. Result:The study revealed that, f 422 patients (57% males) with leukemia; their ages ranged from 5 to 14 year (Mean = 8.58, Standard Deviation = 2.56). Age and gender had a significant and positive relationship with HRQoL of childhood leukemia in TASH. Male children were found to be more exposed to the disease, while an increase image improves physical functioning aspect HRQoL. Addiction free habit of parents had a positive relationship with HRQoL and school functioning at p < 0.05. Chemotherapy morbidity however worsens physical wellbeing of the patients. All other correlations were statistically non-significant. The current findings added to HRQoL research, and provided an impetus for more research in the area of HRQoL for children with leukemia in Ethiopia
AssessmentofPostnatalWeightGainAndItsPredictorsAmong Preterm Low BirthWeightNeonatesAdmitted InNeonatalIntensiveCareUnitAt Selected Public Hospitals:Retrospective Study,Addis Ababa,Ethiopia,2023
(Addis Ababa University, 2023) Temesgen, Afomia; Berhane, Emebet(Ass. prof.); Admasu, Mekonnen
Background:Preterm low birthweightisoftenchallengingindevelopingcountries. Implementing specialized care including properfeeding practice isessentialfor treatingneonatestobringthem intoanormalrangeofweight.However,thereisa lackofresourcesforalternative feeding practicesinlow-income countrieswhich resultsinpoorpostnatalweightgainatdischarge.Thereisalsolittleornoevidence ofpostnatalweightgainandtheinfluencingfactorsinEthiopia Objective:theaim ofthisstudywastoassessthepostnatalweightgainandits predictorsamongPretermLowBirthWeightneonatesadmittedinneonatalintensive careunitatselectedpublichospitalsunit,2023 Method:ARetrospectivestudywasconductedon242neonateswhowereadmitted inneonatalintensivecareunitinthelast5years,inAddisAbabaselectedpublic hospitals.Thecalculatedsamplesizeforeachhospitalwasassignedproportionally. Thedatawerecollectedthroughstructureddataabstractionchecklistanddescriptive andinferentialanalysiswerecomputed.Usingdescriptivestatisticalanalysisthedata weresummarizedinmeanandstandarddeviation(SD)forcontinuousvariables,and percentagesforcategoricalvariables.Abinarylogisticregressionwasusedtoseethe relationshipbetweendependentandpredictorsvariables.Significanceisdeclaredat P-value<0.05,andreportedusingAORwith95%CI Result The242samplewasanalyzed83.5%ofthe hadpoorpostnatalweightgainwiththe averageweightgainof9.77±5.602g/kg/dayafterregainofbirthweight.Neonates withoutRDS[AOR=4.155%CI(1.630-10.590)],neonatesreceivedfeedingonthefirst dayoflife[AOR=3.292%CI(1.308-8.300)],neonatesbornViaSVD[AOR=8.082(2.414- 27.259)],neonatesprolonged stayofhospital[AOR=.754% CI(.662-.839)]show statisticalsignificancewithadequatepostnatalweightgain Conclusion:Accordingtothefindingsofthisstudyindicatesthatpostnatalweightgainforpreterm low birthweightneonateswaslowerthanstandard weightgain.Modeofdelivery, initiationtimeoffirstfeeding,andrespiratorydistresssyndromelengthofhospitalstay were factorsassociated with postnatalweightgain.Therefore health professionals shouldbeabletoputtheneonateintrophicfeedinginthefirstday,preventprolonged hospitalstay,encouragemothertodeliverviaspontaneousvigainaldelivery,prevent respiratorydistresssyndrome.