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The Practices and Challenges of Good Governance in Public Service: the Case of Addis Ababa Transport Authority, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 444
Assessment of Factors Causing Project Delay :The Case of Ethio Telecom’s ODN Projects 424
The Impact of Digitalization on Bank Profitability: The Case of Selected Commercial Banks in Ethiopia 407
Factors Affecting Deposit Mobilization of Commercial Banks in Ethiopia in Case of Bank of Abyssinia S.C 398
The Effect of Service quality on Customer Satisfaction in Selected Commercial Banks 377
The Buda:Belief System, Marginalization,and Traditional Healing Practices in Central Tigray 368
Assessment of Strategic Management Practices: in the Case of Ethio Telecom 365
Challenges and practice of Employee Performance Management System in the case of Awash Bank 356
Effects of Leadership Styles on Employee Performance: In the Case of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia 308
The Effect of Project Time Management Practices on Project Performance: The Case of Heineken Breweries S.C. 306