Optimization of Extraction Process Parameters and Characterization of Gin Flavor from Juniper Berries (Juniperus Communis)

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Addis Ababa University


The aim of the thesis work was focused extraction, optimization and characterization of the essential oil from the berries of juniper to Gin flavor. A Juniper Berries of community family was the raw material of the experimental research which was collected from Chilimo forest 70 Km North West (NW) of Adiss Ababa. First, the juniper berries was dried through sun drying. Then the dried juniper berries were crushed in jaw crusher with sieve size and the samples were sieved using a set of sieves sizes arranged. Then after the experimental research activities were carried out by steam distillation set up. A general factorial design was employed to the extraction process using DESIGN EXPERT 7.0 software and linear regression model. This design helped to identify individual effects of extraction time, and particle size, as parameter. In the extraction experiment, the minimum oil yield of 0.487% was obtained at 2 hours and 1.4-2.5 mm and maximum oil yield of 2.27% was obtained 4 hours and 0.355 - 1mm. This shows that, increasing extraction time and decreasing particle size. Increases oil yield, The volatiles juniper berries essential oil in vapour form released from the berries were condensed and characterized their Physico - chemical properties of the berries oil studied for the optimum yield show that the oil is a solidifying oil at room temperature with having yellow colour,1.50 refractive index value, 2.25mpas dynamic viscosity, 170 boiling point, 0.8584g/cm3specificgravity,4.7 pH, 0.5 optical rotation ,1.4 ml/g acid value, 10.23ml/g iodine value, 47.69ml/g saponification value ,0.704% free fatty acid and 71.7 Brix. The chemical composition of essential oil extracted from Juniper berries using steam distillation was identified by GC-MS have α-pinene (73.12%), β‐myrcene (4.29%, β‐pinene (2.15 %), methylene (3.15%), phenylephrine (1.09%), and carene (4.74 %) and Evaluate sensory quality of Dry Gin liquor product. Therefore, particle size and extraction time have greater effect on the quality and quantity of juniper berries essential oil the findings of this study help to indicate the quality of the Juniper Berries oil which is important in the production of high value gin flavor. . Key Words: Juniper berries, Essential oil acceptability, Steam distillation, Extraction process, Gin Flavor.



Juniper berries; Essential oil acceptability; Steam distillation;Extraction process; Gin Flavor