Msc thesis in environmental planning and landscape design

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Addis Ababauniversity


Recreation green spaces in urban areas, particularly those within the residential areas require proper design & planning consideration for two basic reasons. First, they provide a wide range of direct and indirect benefits (ecosystem services). Second, human activities within the green spaces have a great impact on the stability and continuity of the benefits generated. In the case of Addis Ababa, recreational green spaces, especially which are within the residential areas, have little attention with regards to landscape planning and design. Hence the benefits derived from the green spaces are less or not much more than recreational benefits (cultural ecosystem services). The aim of this research is therefore, to develop sustainable design solutions that can enhance multiple benefits such as regulatory ecosystem services without compromising the existing cultural services of green spaces. The study utilizes a case study research method by selecting two case areas of recreational green spaces from residential areas of bole sub-city Addis Ababa. Based on the result from the case study, the green spaces were actively used for recreation and amenity purposes, because they have well maintained landscapes, beautiful views and they are near to residential areas. In addition, the study has tried to look into a stormwater regulatory capacity of the green spaces and identified 37% to 59% potential runoff reduction. Hence, the study provided design interventions such as sustainable drainage systems to improve stormwater regulatory capacity of the study areas, and eventually enhance regulatory ecosystem services. In addition to existing well developed case areas, the study selected additional underdeveloped open green spaces as a third case area for testing the up scaling effect of the design strategy. Keywords: Green spaces, multi-benefits, recreational activities, regulatory ecosystem services



Green spaces: multi-benefits: recreational activities: regulatory ecosystem services