Optimum Production of Biogas from Bio-Municipal Solid Wastes Using Two Stages Anaerobic Digester

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Various aspects of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) have been became a promising technology for the management of Municipal Solid Waste. Thus, the objective of this study was to optimize the production of biogas from these wastes by using two-stage anaerobic digester. To achieve this, batch anaerobic digestion experiments were conducted to determine the optimum methane produced from the digestion and co-digestion of Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (OFMSW) and Cow Manure (CM) in different mix operated under ambient condition. Moreover, this study presents several runs of experiment and analysis with the aim of substrate mix and the duration of overall stage of digestion process while optimizing the biogas generation with higher methane content. The physical and chemical characteristic of the sample done by analytical method, volume of biogas produced and methane composition of different mix of the feed stock were determined by water displacement and digital gas (SR2-BIO gas analyzer), respectively. The highest specific gas production observed was 353 L/Kg VS added for the digestions of 1:2 mix of OFMSW: CM. It was observed that the independent variable – mix ratio significantly affect (p-value 4.18*10-9) the dependent variable – amount of methane produced since the p-value is less than the chosen α-level usually 0.05. The calculated volume of methane in the biogas produced per Kg of volatile solid removed were 510L, 355L, 375L, 435L and 600L for OFMSW (100%), 2:1 mix of OFMSW: CM, CM (100%), 1:1 and 1:2 mix of OFMSW: CM, respectively. In general From the digestion of 1:2 mix of OFMSW: CM: 0.47 m3/d/m3 biogas with 51.5% methane content was produced; 0.45 m3/d/m3, 0.35 m3/d/m3, 0.26 m3/d/m3, and 0.23 m3/d/m3, biogas with 31.4%, 42.9%, 20.3% and 33.7 % methane composition is produced from 1:1 mix of OFMSW: CM, CM alone, OFMSW alone and 2:1 1 mix of OFMSW: CM respectively. The mix ratio significantly affects the biogas production (p-value<<0.05).



Chemical Engineering