Preparation and Characterization of KOH Impregnated Calcined Fishbone Catalyst for Biodiesel Production from Waste Cooking

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Addis Ababa University


KOH/Calcined fishbone catalyst was prepared through wet impregnation process by impregnating 5, 10 & 15 wt% of KOH catalyst with calcined fishbone. The catalyst prepared by impregnating 10 wt% of potassium hydroxide in calcined fishbone as a support was found to show the best catalytic activity among the prepared catalysts. The characterization of KOH/Calcined fishbone catalyst, supported catalyst and raw fishbone was conducted by XRD and FTIR analysis. The effects of various reaction variables on the yield of biodiesel were investigated. The highest yield of biodiesel over KOH/Calcined fishbone catalyst was 97.46%. It was obtained at the optimum condition of methanol to oil ratio of 10.56, catalyst dosage of 3.96 wt%, reaction time of 2.7 h and the reaction temperature at 65 C. The physiochemical and fuel properties of biodiesel were studied and it is within the biodiesel standard specification. The produced biodiesel under the optimal reaction condition was characterized by using FTIR and GC-MS analysis. The selected catalyst has been reused successfully for three catalytic cycles.



Solid base catalyst, fishbone, impregnation, potassium hydroxide, waste cooking oil, Transterification