The Function, Practice and Challenges of Public Relation in Health Organizations; Focused on Black Lion Hospital

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Addis Ababa University


This study aimed at exploring the function, practice and challenges of public relation in health organizations; focused on black lion hospital. In order to be able to answer the questions, quantitative and qualitative research designs were used. For the questionnaire of quantitative design, a total of 128 individuals from management members, employers and clients of the Back Lion Hospital were selected with purposive sampling method and filled by them. For the in-depth interview of qualitative design, from Black Lion Hospital, One PR director, three department heads and three senior experts had been interviewed. Frequency and percentage statistical techniques were used for quantitative data analysis by using SPSS statistical software; while, the qualitative data was analyzed thematically. The outcome of the data analysis revealed that the practices of public relation in Black lion Hospital are limited to some activities of PR; there is shortage of man power and budget in the PR department. There is also lack of organized, appropriate PR activities and developing strategies and implement appropriate communication tools that can be accessible to all Hospital Community and clients as quickly as possible. The research shows that Black Lion Hospital Mangers and experts provided that there are critical challenges like Insufficient budget allocation, the PR organizational structure permits Low number of professionals, on the Side of Hospital Managers The importance of PR is underestimated, There is no PR code of conduct and PR does not play management function and advisory role in Black Lion Hospital on the other hand the practitioners are assigned according to their skills and knowledge of public relation, this is the good part of the finding. Finally, the researcher forwarded recommendations to conduct and establish the organizational PR strategies and Implement diversified and appropriate PR activities that create opportunities to raise awareness and mobilize the public toward the issues wanted to be communicated and enables the PR practitioners to perform as per the planned activities and to implement diversified and appropriate PR activities and to overcome challenge.



Focused On Black Lion Hospital