The Teaching ,Prac t ice Frogramme of Kotebe College of Teacher Education: An Investigation Into Its Adequacy In Preparing Teachers of English For Secondary Schools.

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TSeveral methods ,"ere employed to investigate into The Adequacy of The Teaching Fractice Programme In Preparing Teachers of English For Seccndary Schools . The findings clearly indicated that :~e way the students are prepared is adequa te:- there is correlat ion between theoretical subjects and the teaching practice; and the instrument of evaluating the student teachers during the teaching practice session is also 2.dequate. From the results obt~ined , it was concluded tha t the Teac,'ing Practice Progre.mme of Kotebe College of Teacher Educ 2tion Is Adequate In Freparing Teachers of English For Seco ~ d.ry Schools. ~e commendations were made in the areas of:- the duration 01 the teaching practice, supervision, micro-teaching, preparation of teaching aids, setting language laboratory, and the role of the Co o~era ting teachers. The r ecommendations were m&de towards improving and reinforcing the existing teaching practice progr2..mme.



teaching practice