Editionan And Analysis of Gäadlä Yoseph

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Addis Ababa University


St Yoseph is one of the Biblical figures and canonized saints by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church. He is referred as the foster father of the infant Jesus and the guardian of saint Marry, the Theotokos. His account is primarily recorded in the Synoptic gospels. The Gädl under investigation preserves the detail biography and genealogy of the Saint. It also mentions many other biblical episodes. The Ethiopic Synaxarium on Gənbot 25 ( June 02) and Hamle 26 (August 02) briefly states the migration of Yoseph together with St. Mary and her only begotten Son to Egypt. Mäshafä Gəbrä Həmamat and Dərsanä Ura’el also state the passion of Yoseph on the lord and the flight of the holy family to Egypt respectively . This thesis deals with Gädlä Yoseph. It strives for the analysis and critical edition of the text. The Gädl, which is composed in 1911 EC, is very significant to biblical history in general and to Ethiopic hagiographies in particular. The analysis contains and the authorship of the Gädl, which are discussed in the third chapter. The fourth chapter is the critical edition with the critical apparatus in the 238 sections.



Gäadlä Yoseph