Economic Consequences of Delay in Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation in Addis Ababa City

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Addis Ababa University


An efficient transportation system is of vital importance for the development of a country. In addition, its multiple function of providing access to employment, social, health and education services makes road networks crucial in fighting against poverty by opening up more areas and stimulating economic and social development. There is a problem, however, which is common throughout the world, and that is neglect of maintaining roads. As the road network deteriorates, the whole country loses major assets build up over years, assets created with vast amounts of money, time and effort. Insufficient consideration of maintenance during the road planning and design process is a well-known problem for actors involved in this process and maintenance activities. The problems of performing maintenance activities and their related costs are often subject for discussion. This is not reflected in literatures as published research papers within the subject are very limited. The World Bank has written many papers in this regard! The situations in our country concerning the road condition are not only urgent, it is critical. Therefore, the general objective of this study is to evaluate economically delay in road maintenance using Highway Development and Management Tool (HDM-4) software in case of Addis Ababa city.



Road Condition Survey, Road Deterioration, Road Maintenance, Economic Impacts, Highway Development, Maintenance Tool (HDM-4)