Experience of Eight Deported Women Ethiopians Who Returned From Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Addis Ababa University


This study was done with the purpose of understanding deportation experience of deported women from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The participants of this research were eight deported women from KSA. Findings of this research indicate that poor working condition, low pay, religious conflict, lack of access to health services, sexual, emotional and physical abuse, denial of salary, sufJeringfrom deprivation offood and restrictedfrom movement are the main experience of the deported returnees in the destination country. The finding points out that the deported women returned to their country by surrender to the police, the employers handed them over to the police and the police forceful detained them. Deported women returnees experienced lack of enough food, lack of proper sleep condition, lack of rest room, lack of medication, and overcrowding, sexual and emotional harassment in the deportation process. From the implications of the finding, it can be concluded that the school of social work should incorporate the migration as one subject and the course should be given starting from the undergraduate class, the school of social work need to enforce students (undergraduate up to PhD level) to articulate the diversified aspect of migration and migrants life. The FDRE Ministry of Foreign Affairs has to establish a strong diplomatic relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia government and should work in collaboration during deportations. All governmental and nongovernmental organizations should be involved in assisting deported returnees during the deportation process. They, for instance, can playa vital role in offering trainings. Apart from pointing out the reasons for the deportation of legal migrants, the consequences of deportation on both destination and receiving countries should be well-investigated. The concept of deportation and deportation centers facility is the other area that needs further investigation. Key words: Deported returnees, re-migration, retuTII migration, irregular migration



Deported returnees, re-migration, retuTII migration, irregular migration