Prospects of Green Roofs Applications in Alleviating Environmental Challenges & improving GI of Addis Ababa

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results of this study furthermore revealed that, the absence of clear implementation laws and policies mainly focusing on the government are the central problem. The Ethiopian National Urban Green Infrastructure standard, which is produced by the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing is a decent start. However, it lacks several detail technical guidelines and mandatory strategies. Since the government role is invaluable for the preparation of further detailed guidelines, incentives and the technical support platforms are very helpful to aid developers and other professionals to achieve a city scale adaptation of green roofs. One could easily understand that a holistic approach should be used to solve these numerous barriers. In order to tackle these obstacles at the grass root level, it must be started with the challenges that are encompassing the design and construction professionals. If our aim is to create a city level interconnected link of green roof surfaces, there should be city scale training and awareness creation platforms prepared for the respective professionals and developers. The reason behind the need of a holistic approach is, it hard to bring a city level change by struggles of a specific professionals (for example the architects). This may lead to a communication and a knowledge gap within various professionals. In the meantime, consultants and design professionals are facing challenges particularly in finding an appropriate green roof contractor with a decent experience. Pioneering consulting firms that relatively practiced green roof designs & supervision in Addis Ababa (such as ABBA architects), faced various challenges that are mentioned before. However, they can be a great example for other local consultants on how to experiment on green roofs and similar solutions through overcoming the existing challenges. Mostly, the availability of a proper localized prototype green roof manual that can be easily be applied by developers & building designers is mandatory. This gradually helps and encourages consultants and investors to easily apply green roofs with the available local materials and techniques. Even the developed countries faced several challenges in regard to adapt these alternative green roof systems into their cities. In the long run, they managed to come up with various approaches and solutions to aid developers & professionals with major types of supporting backings similar to the mentioned of incentives, technical manuals, and aids.


A thesis submitted to the school of Graduate Studies of Addis Ababa University in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Masters of Science in Landscape Architecture


Green roof design construction, Green roof design Challenge, interconnected link of green roof surfaces, green infrastructure