Effect of Road Cross-Sectional Elements on Road Traffic Crashes And Injury Severity at Midblock in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Road safety issues are the major economic, social and health problems, especially in the devel-oping country like Ethiopia. Road traffic crash is the result of complex interactions between the roadway, driver, and vehicle. This thesis was a study on the effect of road cross-sectional elements on road traffic crashes and injury severity at midblock segments in the city of Addis Ababa. Twenty midblock road segments were taken as samples based on a convenience sampling approach. Road data, crash data and traffic data were collected from selected road segments. The thesis has applied multi-nomial logit model to evaluate the safety impacts and injury severity of road cross-sectional el-ements at midblock segments. Poisson log linear model has also applied to investigate the rela-tionship between road cross-sectional elements and occurrences of road traffic crashes. In addi-tion, descriptive statistics was done in order to know road traffic crashes trends in Addis Ababa. A total of 2596 crashes was collected from Arada and Kirkos sub cities police stations of the Addis Ababa city and Addis Ababa police commission for period of three years from June 2012-July 2015. The results of this study reveals that there is a strong interdependency between road cross sec-tional element and road traffic crashes. The Type of median, sidewalk width, length of road segment and average daily traffic are significantly affect on injury severity at midblock seg-ments. In addition, median width, median height, number of lanes and log of average daily traf-fic have significant effect on road traffic crash occurrences. The modeling results of multinomi-al logistic regression indicate that painted medians have been positively associated with injury severity. Longer length of midblock segments, average daily traffic and narrow roadside width were found to be positively associated with injury severity. The result also indicates that shorter median height, wider median width, number of lanes and log of average daily traffic have posi-tive association with expected number of crashes. Transport authority should be expected to consider the result of the study in new projects, up-dating existing and developing new strategies of road cross-sectional elements design.



Road and Transport Engineering