Livelihood Bases and Challenges of Small Farming House Hold: the case of Minjar- Shenkora Wereda Amhara Region, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The objective of this study is to see the livelihood bases of minjar- shenkora woreda at house hold level and to suggest solutions towards improving the level and conditions of resource management in the wereda.For this purpose two sample Kebeles have been chosen based on their land management system. The two sample Kebeles are: Cherecha Kebele and Dire Kebele. I have applied both primary and secondary data that has been collected through Structured interview with development agents, focus group discussion with some local farmers and field observation. The findings suggest that the households of Cherecha kebele have a better production system in the use of improved livestock feed, veterinary, and livestock breeding services from the small town. On the other hand, the households of Dire exhibit relatively low productivity in the use of fertilizer, pesticide, herbicides, selected seed, veterinary service, improved livestock feed etc. The research shows those modern agricultural inputs are/were introduced into the woreda coming from geographical areas which may or may not suitable for a particular area hence it needs more research on through involvement of the farm household in technology generation and dissemination in order to use the technologies sustainably . Generally, since most of the agricultural production comes from the small holders farm households and small farm households make up the largest segment of the rural population, promoting small farm households adoption of modern agricultural inputs in sustainable condition would bring the greatest overall benefits in terms increasing agricultural productivities in general and teff and wheat crops in particular. Key Words: Resource management, farming systems, small farm unit, development agents,livelihood



Resource Management, Farming Systems, Small Farm Unit, Development Agents, Development Agents