The Practice of Managing School Finance in Selected Secondary Schools in Addis Ketema Sub City, Addis Ababa

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The aim of this study was to assess and examine managing school finance in selected secondary school in Addis ketema sub city. Descriptive survey design was used to investigate the practices of financial management in the secondary schools. Quantitatively and qualitatively data analysis methods were used in order to answer the research questions. The study involved a total sample size of eighty four respondents three principals, nine vice-principals, three accountant, three treasures, thirty six department heads, three school supervisor, one education office head, twenty one PSTA members, one finance office heads, three finance plan and budget experts one finance plan and budget expert were used as main source of data. All participants were selected using available sampling techniques. Questionnaires, interview and document analysis were the data collection tools for the study. Questionnaires were conducted with 72 participants and interview with 12 participants. Data analyses were made using descriptive statistical tools such as frequency; percentages, mean and standard deviations were used. The study results revealed that most respondents were aware of the existence of financial management problems in the school. Such as a lack of skilled and experienced, lack of training; constraint of structured financial guide-line and procedures, inadequate control systems; lack of budget planning, lack of stakeholder participation on financial plan and decision making, lack of adequate rule and regulation in the schools on financial issue and lack of monitoring and evaluation of school finance. Overall, the above problems affected not only the effectiveness and efficiency of financial management of the schools but also the whole process of educational activities. Taking in to consideration the above results, it is recommended that all concerned bodies, such as the Addis Abeba Regional Education Bureau, Addis Ketema Sub city Education Office being together should prepare enough work-shop and training for the school personnel and for the concerned bodies in the field of financial management. Furthermore, it can be encouraged to release the allocated schools budget on time, strengthening internal and external auditing in order to reduce the problems of financial management in the government secondary



The practices of financial management in the secondary schools