The Implementation of Marital Rights of Women: The Case of Gambella Regional State

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Addis Ababa University


Implementation of rights in general is the basic tenet of any entitlement and also for human rights. Though human rights is always seen as less enforceable entitlement due to reluctance of many states worldwide, their implementation is important to bring social, economic and political change within the country. Now a day, since human rights are part of our national laws, their enforcements is also part of the authority entrusted to our government, states and federal administration alike and that the government has legislated laws and established institutions to carry out the implementation on those laws. For women as vulnerable groups in our country that bear the brunt of the ineffectiveness of laws and institutions, lack of implementation of their rights is one aspect that is holding them behind in state building and that, swift attention and action is needed to address the issues that should bring to an end about the continuous existences to their past injustices and for them to compete with men in equal footing in this vibrant state building. With the problem existing nationwide, the more you go to the peripheries is the more the matter become worst. With scant educations from those women located in the less developed regions like Gambella and the continues existences of customs and traditions that still look down on the achievement and practices that strives to bring about gender equality between men and women, it’s debatable to say that, their rights are being implemented.



Implementation, Rights, Women, Marriage, Traditions, Ethiopia