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Title: Ethiopian Railway Corporation as a Multimodal Operator
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Birhanu Beshah (PhD)
Kidist, Hailu
Keywords: Multi-modal freight transport;ERC
Issue Date: 22-Apr-2015
Publisher: AAU
Abstract: Multi-modal freight transport can facilitate the economic development of Operators. The Study shows particularly in fright transportation, there is developing the single mode of transport in to multimodal operation system, the characteristics of multimodal travel today in Ethiopia and assesses its future potential in Railway Corporation, the factors required to implement the multimodal operating system and make Railway will be competitive rather than shipping line. Multimodal transport requires new organizational and financial arrangements between all actors involved. Transporting freight plays a major role in the country and Ethiopian railway will start to work in the route of Addis Ababa-Djibouti in a single mode of transport. this type of transport is not sufficient to return the loan of railway in short period of time and in the sake of increasing socio- economic benefit. In this study by interviewing the groups of professional from Governmental agencies and private sector the information which is necessary for this paper is collected and the required data for this particular investigation purpose is taking from concerned sectors especially ESLSE . The previous research which is related to this title is used as a base for the theoretical and empirical framework of the study. Additionally, computerized search strategy was selected. Finally implementing multimodal operation requires solving the transportation cost, transportation time, transportation capacity constraints, and transportation allocation problem and also transporting in multimodal makes to saving 62.2USD/ton or transporting in unimodal is 1.24times that of multimodal cost and Operating Multimodal transport is 7.07 times greater profit than operating single mode of transport. Therefore By Considering enough performance of railway and its profitability implement Operating Multimodal transport is essential. Hence Ethiopian Railway use multimodal operator for their better economic efficiency and social effectiveness,
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