Assessment of Environmental Sustainability of IHDP-Developed Buildings the case of Mekanisa-Kotari Condominium Housing

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Addis Ababa University


Ethiopia is a second most populous land locked country found in east Africa. With the fast growing economy, urbanization and population the country‟s need to housing increased rapidly. Due to the increase urban population there is a high need of standard housing. The government is forced to introduce a new program called Integrated Housing development program (IHDP). Since 2006 it provides housing opportunities for low and middle income families while fulfilling other objectives related to housing. The mass housing provision of the IHDP developed building must be assessed for sustainability in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the building in the long run. This study of assessment on environmental sustainability of the IHDP developed building is to examine and measure the environmental sustainability of the Mekanisa-kotari condominium site. In order to answer the research questions the research takes a case study method performed in Mekanisa-kotari condominium with a quota sampling technique of non- probability sampling used for qualitative data based on sustainable/Green/ building components compiled from international standards chosen for this research due to the lack of the country‟s sustainable assessment tools. According to the data analysis the sites green area development, non-polluted air, good environmental quality on natural lighting, air quality, thermal comfort and quality view are the components which have a positive experience among the residents. This should be enhanced and supported by professionals and government. The other components such as water efficiency, use of recycled material, solid waste disposal system, dampness conditions of the building, durability of the building parts and the operation & maintenance are impacting the environmental sustainability of the site. This components needs a quick interventions starting from policy, programing and planning, design and also use & operation of the buildings. Finally the study recommends some solutions to implement based on the assessed data on the current use and operation stage of the building



Sustainability; Environment; Environmental sustainability; Housing; IHDP; Assessmen