Anthropology of Women's Entrepreneurial Bej-Ia Vior In Kambatta Southern Ethiopia

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The goal of this study is to present an ethnographic examination of entrepreneurial behavior a nd characteristics of the women in Kambatta. Four research questions a re crucial and centra l in this research. These a re how culture affects women entrepren eurs hip?, what a re the SOCIO cu ltura l enabling environment for wome n entrepre neurship?, what ch a racteristics of entrepreneurs hip do Ka mba tta women have? And a re unma rried women more entrepren euri a l th a n ma rri ed women In Kamba tta society? This research in Kambatta is conducted betwee n Febura ry-May, 2006 in Dura me a pplying diffe rent e thnographic d a ta collection me thodologies su ch as interviews, surveys, pa rti cipa n t obse rvation a nd case studies. S v n case studie wer selected a nd 30 u rvey questionnaires were distribut d to wome n nlrepre neurs selec ted ra ndomly in Dura me town. Findings with regard to th e a bove three questions a re conclusive. Ena bling factors for women entrepren eurs hip a re associa ted with the combination of cu ltura l a nd structura l issues. In Ka mba tta society ch a nging attitude toward s business wome n is clearly seen a nd there a re a lso policy environments a nd NGO a dvocacy on women's rights created positive image towa rds women 's initiatives. Not so ma ny women in Kambatta could com e out to business due to more structural constraints existing in the soc iety . However, th ere are still structured tra dition a l va lue systems in Ka mbata that hamper wo men 's independent life, business endeavo rs a nd choice . Concerning th e fourth question, the fi ndings a re less conc lu sive. The finding s h ows th al th e question wheth e r unmarri ed women are more entrepren euria l lhan marri ed cannot be proved and diffi cult to gen era lize. In conc lusion, lhe ethnographi findings of the research a re clearly sh own in co rporating theoreti cal discu ssions a nd debates