Attributes of Reunification on Psychosocial Lives of Sexually Abused Children: The Case of Organization for Prevention, Rehabilitation and Integration of Female Street Children (OPRIFS) in Addis Ababa.

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Addis Ababa University


Reunification is used as a means to re-unit ch ildren separated from their families to restore a I:'\lnily cnvironment for the proper upbringing and development of the child. 111e objective of this study is to explore :J.ttribules (positive :J.lld neg:J.t ive) of reunification on psychological and soci:J.I lives of se xually ab used and retumed home children. 'nle assessment of this quali tative study tried to identify and li sted the psychological and social problems. TIle study uses case study method, app ly scmistructured in- depth interview, and collect data from reunifi ed fe male children who faced the problem. TIle study uses purpos ive sampling technique and a total of eleven retum home children. TIle major concems like reason ofnm away, psychological and social problems, and feelings of family members and neighbors in relation to reunification is discussed. It identifies major psychosocial problems that those children faced during reunification <md its effects 0 11 their psychological health and social rdation. TIle data collected from the in-depth interview, di scuss ion and documentation were narrated and an:li yzed. The lindings showed that reunifications results shorter :md lon ger tenn psychological and social problems and the chi ldren shows feeling of fear, depress ion and poor peer relat ionship. Generally, the assessment underlies the need to give att ention to those children who are b cing the problem and the alternative child care system (reunification). Future researchers should prefer to aim Oil gaining k.nowledge Oil the 10ng-tenll efTects of post reunifi cation programs_ So socwl workers coul d resolve this limitation by adding specifies when interviewing participants. TIle study W<IS concerned about the poor, voiceless. discriminated and for those who are living in continuous injustice. So mobilizing the community through effective ways in ass isting reunifyi ng chi ldren to their fa mily can be one of the ways that aim social work. profession can be achieved



Attribntes of Reunification on Psychosocial Lives of Sexually Abused Children