Socio -economic Effects of the Dire Afforestation Project on the Poor Peasants and the Adverse Implication on the Forest Resource

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on the one hand and its adverse implications for the afforested resource on the other. The project as a peri-urban afforestation project was implemented during the i980s to meet the fue l. pole. and construction wood demands of the ever increasing population of Addis Ababa implemented as a top-down intervention the project alienated the local people ji-om their land and denied them of custommy rights to manage forest resources. The study is therefore intended to assess the general impact of the proj ect on economic and social fabric of the community; to identify the cause of deforestation as it relates to management option. livelihood status and land tenure relation; to see possible management option that curb the problem related to the project and to asses the attitude the community have towards the forest resource as well as identifying conflict of interest between different groups Data for this research was collected using qualitative methods in which f used multiple data collection techniques. In the analyses and presentation of findings. the study combined theoretical approaches both in development-displacement studies and natural resource management/governance line of thinking. The result of the study shows that like most other projects in this country. the Dire afforestation project was established without consultation of the local communities. The study also found out that the project had impoverished the local community. which not only resulted from the move to the resettlement but also it puts restriction on access to the forest resource. This made the local community victims of double displacement. Moreover. the diverse interests over the use of resource which became scarce led to conflicts and contradictions between the project and the community on the one hand and within the community on the other. Understanding the impoverishment risks encountered by the people due (0 displacement and protectionist approach which in turn put the afforested (ree under severe threat. the research calls for another viable option (0 bring about double sustainability both for the people and the afforested trees. The study recommends change in intervention strategy of the government and other stakeholders in favor of Joint management approach.