Quality Control and Quality Assurance Practices in Selected Finishing Works: The case of Public Building Construction Projects in Addis Ababa.

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Addis Ababa University


Construction industry is a major player in economy of any country by generating employment, and wealth to the nations. The Industry also provides infrastructure which is vital for economic growth and provision of service. However, many projects in developing countries experience extremely low performance and face challenge in meeting quality requirements. One of the contributing factors to lower quality among others is poor quality control and quality assurance system. The objectives of this independent project are to identify the causes of poor quality in plastering, floor and wall finishing works in building projects and to assess the actual practice of quality control and quality assurance in these works; finally to provide mechanism to prevent or to minimize poor quality by applying good quality control and quality assurance system. The methodologies used for this project are literature review, interview and investigating different cases by site visiting and desk study. Unclear preparation of specifications for materials, poor workmanship and also poor supervision are observed to be highest causes of poor quality of building construction. The irresponsibility of residence engineers and site supervisors lead the project not to be completed as per the schedule, budget and quality. From different research and documentation in most building construction less quality work occurred due to poor quality control and quality assurance system. Some of the finishing works where major quality underperformance is exhibited is in floor and wall finishing works. In the implementation of any projects either public or private, clients need their project to fulfill at least the three common elements, i.e. cost, time and quality requirements. Any deviations from the expected quality result dispute between the contractor and client and also additional cost will be incurred. By identifying public building projects in Addis Ababa and investigating the causes of poor quality in plastering, flooring, wall finishing and malpractice; through good quality control and quality assurance system; the way how to prevent or minimize defects, less standard products and also mechanizing to avoid malpractice will be presented in this independent project .



Finishing Work, Quality, Quality Control, Quality Assurance