Magnitude of Sexual Abuse among Male High School Students in Addis Ababa

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Addis Abeba Universty


Background: sexual abuse as including any of the following acts committed by an adult or under: attempted or completed sexual intercourse (i.e., oral, anal, vaginal); touching, kissing, or rubbing up ; exhibiting their body parts ; or having the view any type of sex act Objective: To determine the magnitude, contributing factors and the health consequence of sexual abuse among male high school students Addis Ababa city administration . Methodology: A cross-sectional descriptive study involving 884 randomly selected students among 9 Addis Ababa high schools was conducted in March 2009. Pre-tested questionnaire was used to collect data, which was entered and cleaned using EPI version 6 statistical packages and analysis of data was done using SPSS for windows, odds ratio with 95% confidence interval was made, and for independent variables that have borderline association with the dependent variable entered to a model to look for confounding effect. Results: As this study indicates, sexual abuse of boy students in Addis Ababa is common with a life time prevalence of rape and sexual harassment of 4.3%, and 68.2%, respectively. The chance of experiencing sexual coercion was higher among students who live alone (AOR = 2.87; 95% CI; 1.07, 7.66) and among students who live with others (AOR =1.80; 95% CI = 1.04, 3.11) than students living with both. Similarly, the odds of experiencing rape in their life time was higher among students who live with others (Adj OR=2.20; 95% CI; 1.04, 4.68) than those who live with their biological parents. Conclusion and recommendation: Sexual abuse of boys is associated with those living alone or living out side their parents. Considering these findings, providing information, education and counseling service of students living outside their real biological parents is important.



Magnitude of Sexual Abuse among Male