A Thesis in Analysis and Remedial Measures for Slope Instability Related Problems of Selected Sections of LOT II: Belta (KM60+000) – Otolo (KM 87+000) Asphalt Road Project, Southern Part of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis presents the investigation, analysis and design of proposed remedial measures for three cut slope related instability (land slide) locations stationed at Sta.66+995 to Sta.67+055(RHS), Sta.68+020(ahead) to Sta. 68+120(back) (RHS) and Sta. 72+740 to Sta. 72+790(LHS) of LOT II: Belta – Otolo Asphalt Road Project located in Southern part of Ethiopia. In this thesis work, first slide characterization of the cut slope instability areas which includes the land slide location, dimensional variables and engineering classification the land slide soil through detailed site investigation and testing was carried out. Analysis of the land slide after the characterization of the cut slide was carried out by the method of back analysis and 2D limit equilibrium stability analysis. Then, residual shear strength variables were back calculated on the onset of failure or for FS=1 for each cut slope instability location. Finally, using the results of the investigation and analysis, combination of control and restraint remedial measures were proposed and designed at the respective land slide locations so that the construction of road at these locations were finalized. Generally, it was observed that the provision of steep cut slope angles, the presence of relict residual bedding profiles and migration of moisture from prolonged rainfall duration were the main reasons for the instability of the cut slopes under this study. Key words: Cut slope instability, back analysis, design of remedial structures



Cut slope instability; back analysis; design of remedial structures