Study on Investigating Causes and Effects of Delay in Addis Ababa 40/60 Housing Construction: A Case Study on Some Selected Project Sites.

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Addis Ababa University


A delay in construction projects is a global phenomenon that causes significant losses for resources. Delays and cost overrun are common problems in building construction projects due to several factors, but their frequency of occurrence and degree of severity vary significantly. As a unique nature of construction projects, completion time delay can be minimized when the potential causes and effects are properly identified. The main objective of this research is to identify the major causes and effects of delay in the construction of Addis Ababa 40/60 housing project. A total of 99 respondents participated that represents client, consultants and contractors in the survey and 20 major causes of delay were identified based on the relative importance index from a list of 70 causes of delay. The research finding indicates that late delivery of materials by the client, difficulties in financing project by contractors, improper contractor selection, slow decision making by the client and obsolete technology used by contractors were some of the most dominant delay factors. For the top 20 delay factors a number of another root causes are identified for their occurrence. The cumulative effects of those varieties of causes for the incidence of major delay factors contributed a great role on the project timely completion failure and the project is delayed by more than 150%. From the investigated major causes of delay, client sourced and contractor sourced delay factors were the major bottlenecks of progress. Due to the acute delay of the project, 24 serious effects were also identified and the result shows that cost-overrun, time-overrun, increase unemployment rate, client loses time value of money, the government mistrusted by the people and reduce the quality of construction were some of the most severe effects of delay. To minimize those severe delay problems and inevitable outcomes some recommendations are forwarded.



Causes of delay, effects of delay, consultants, client, contractors, 40/60 housing project, advance payment, time value of money, construction cost, sources of delay factors