Challenges of Finishing Works on Integrated Modulus System (IMS) Building Technology: A Case Study on Projects under Construction in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


In Ethiopia prefabrication was introduced by a technical assistance from the former Yugoslavia. Government in 1980’s, former Prefabricated Building Parts Production Enterprise PBPPE is now under the Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation Building Technology and Construction Sector (ECWC BTCS). Though the company has changed its name, it is still using the same system at the time of installation of the plant in the 1984 without updating the technology and a major renovation work on the production plant. Obviously, this posed a challenge on the adaptability of the Integrated Modulus System (IMS) with time as technologies develop and the standard of living improves especially, with the finishing touches of a building. That is what this research tries to address the problem that arises with the issue of an updated technology on the building construction sector of our times. The study was made by conducting a detailed observation and analysis on three projects namely ICT G+7 Incubation Center, former Addis Ababa Meles Zenawi Leadership Academy AAMZLA (now Ayat Mothers and Children Hospital MCH) and Kotebe Metropolitan University Administration Building which are under construction and employ IMS building construction system to identify the inconveniences that comes with the beginning of finishing works on a site. A through interview was also conducted to further strengthen the issue at hand. The results of the study show that the building system has regressed in our country as compared to the international practice, as difficulties arises in coping with finishing works that needs a lot of piping and wiring in our days of construction period. These difficulties had led to an additional spending in terms of cost, time and quality of the projects under consideration. And finally a recommendation is forwarded for the concerned bodies that the system needed to be updated before this technology is lost with the decaying power of time to get a better result that comes with the use of a controlled production of building elements or prefabrication.



Construction Cost, Construction Quality, Construction Time, Finishing Works, IMS Building Technology, Precast Construction, Post Tensioning