Secondary Dwelling Units’ Extension The case of Residential Houses in Woreda 2, Akaki-Kality Sub City, Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababauniversity


This thesis examines secondary dwelling units’ (a local name called “Service biet”) extension in Woreda 2 Akaki-Kality sub city in Addis Ababa. The study was designed to better understand why and how secondary dwelling units have been extending for the past twenty years. Data were collected from randomly selected thirty households by using semi structured interview. Housing surveys were conducted to gather data concerning secondary dwelling units’ extension; family motivation for the extensions and space use through mapping, sketching and photograph. Household case stories were used to better understand the phenomenon of secondary dwelling units’ extension. Secondary data: different maps, published and unpublished documents and archival study were used. Based on the collected data and the analysis made, the study found families space needs that led the extension of secondary dwelling units. These are: rental income, home based business, accommodation of matured and married children, accommodation of close relatives and to add functional space for the primary house. Furthermore, the major initiation and purpose for extending secondary units in Woreda 2 were for accommodation of married children and to generate income through rental and home based business units. The study also found that the extension of secondary dwelling units relatively produce rapid, convenient, affordable varieties of housing options. In addition, it is a means of income generation for livelihood improvements. The study showed secondary dwelling units’ extensions were hidden developments. The change of the neighborhood form or character because of secondary dwelling units and its extension is minimum. Finally the study recommends; secondary dwelling units could be convenient planning strategy to inhabit and to supply affordable housing options for the growing urban population. The study also recommends proper building regulations concerning secondary dwelling units to improve, to achieve livability standards and for the efficient utilization of the dwelling units. Key words: Secondary dwelling unit, primary/main house, extension



Secondary dwelling unit; primary/main house; extension