Documentation of 'Irreecha' ceremony among Showa Oromo: A comparative study of Horaa Arsadee and Horaa Bisiil Irreecha ceremony

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Addis Ababa University


11'1'(,(,c/'o /tax wit/"Iy heen celehrated by 01'01110 peo/l/e for (f loug period of lilllC!. II p!ay.\' (/ majnr roll' ill the socia! life of the Orolllo people. Irreccha is (/ rilual ceremony ill which Dromns wars"i!) {/luI prai!iC! Waaqa. Moreover, it ellables Dromos to he IIl1ited (strellgthtJlI III1;Z) 'J, make conciliatio ll (l lI/ung conflicting groups lIlId promote Ilteir (,II/Ili r e. The Irreec/UI ('('I'l'IIIO I/Y ('( ,Iecfed for (his p(/rlicular study are Irreecha Horaa Arsadee (easlem showa) Gild Horan Bisiil (western s lu}\1'(f). MallY scholarly works have so far beel/ dedicated 10 the sllIriy of the various aspects of Gromo /tiSIOI),. culture, belief alld folklore. However, 'h scholars have tOl{clled 111'0 11 the IrredUl riuwl 0 1/ (\1 as a passing remark. 111 other lVord I/O de/ailed study ('xc:/llsive/y or broadly dedica led 10 Irreec/w ceremollY (ri ll/al) has been carried 0111 with a view to properly documenling il. The (' 1/1'/'('1/1 study Ny to jilllhis gllp. 71le II/(/ill ohjective of this lhesis is To explore whell alld why Irreecha celebration; To (IIw~vze the process ollrreecha celebratioll at Horaa Arasadee (/1/11 /-Ioraa Bisill; To describe the actual place where alJ(llhe ae/liallime whelllrrecha is pelf armed and to know the social vailles·ottached to Il'l'e('//(/o ceremony. In order 10 cmy 0111 this research fhe fo llowing method is /lsed. The r('s(!(frcher has employed qualitative research method, ellcompassing interview, pOl'licipall1 ob,\'('/'\I(lIioll ollli fucus-group disCIlSiofl, II/odditioll to these, photographs alld video shoOlillg have ul,\'(I /W(,II fukell so us lU caplure fhe ell tire Jellillg al/d scel/ely . Bused 011 lhi,\' mcthod, Ih t' iinding of the .wuly will be mention m' fo 110 IV. To 1IlC'llfio" sO/lie of the jilldiug.\· of this study: - Irreecho is a rilulil ceremony celebmled ill the elllin' 0 1'0 1110 1(llId, there are two major types of IrreeclUl ceremonies: Il'reechli Tllllll (Irreecha celehmted Oil 1II0ula;II) and Irreecha Maika (Irreecha celebrated 011 the ballk 0/ rivel), Ih ere are variatiolls across Drama lands regarding the celebration (nol uniform) and the ceremony is ce/"braled by 1/1/ Oromos regardless oj Age, Sex alld slailis.