Dubbed Serials and Their Possible Cultural Effects in Ethiopia, Reception Analysis of Addis Ababa Youth Kana Tv Viewers in Focus

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Addis Ababa University


This study investigated the effect of Dubbed serial on the cultural life patterns af youth in Addis Ababa through qualitative research that used focus group discussion and individual in-depth interview as tools of data collection. Out of 80 peaple who undertook a preliminarily screening of Dubbed serials consumption level, the study purposely selected 24 individuals for focus group discussion and 6 individuals for in-depth interview aged between 15-25 years. The sample selection was carried out with a deliberate intention of grouping those who have a habit of watching Kana television Dubbed serials. The study recorded the respondent's cultural meaning making, reason of preference, consumption patterns, level of viewing and sense making of massage. It crossed checked the above factors with cultural impact. The finding of the study was twofold. On one hand, local cultural values and personal interests has significant role to play in the interaction with other foreign culture. Complex response of respondents indicated that their local cultural awareness played a significant role in rejecting messages which regarded as western value. With regards culture awareness and frame of interpretation of dubbing of the respondents, the general finding concluded that late youth have a better understanding of the intention of dubbing than that of early youths. Of course, such finding challenged cultural study theory that media controlled by powerful and dominant groups influence late youth. On the other hand, the fact that almost both early (male and female) groups have no understating of intention of dubbing makes them more victims of media which controlled by powerful, dominant groups. Furthermore youth identification of self in characters and situation signifies meaning making is processed under copying and costing of Dubbed serial setting. The study also identified a few areas for future researchers and made recommendations towards improvement.



Kana Tv Viewers in Focus