Critical Analysis on the Constructions of the Ethiopian Calendar in Particular: and that of the Coptic Calendar in General

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Addis Ababa University


For long time, many scholars including Ethiopians perceived that the Ethiopian calendar is adopted from the Egyptian. However, an observation to the time reckoning and calendar usage of the duo attests that there are variations manifest in the duo. This researcher, t h e r e f o r e , investigated the origins of Ethiopian calendar comparing it with that of Coptic. The western media and writers and others categorization of the Ethiopian Orthodox church to the Coptic denomination leads them to sort the Ethiopian calendar to Coptic. The researcher gathers primary data from ancient monasteries including Daga ’ǝstefanos, Hayqǝ ’ǝstefanos and Mota Giyorǝgis. In addition, secondary data were also integrated after reviewing seminal books of various sorts. I selected consultants from three different occupations. I.e. From clergies, writers and Coptic Church. Hence, from these written document and consultants sources, the major elements in Ethiopian calendar, the way of allotting New Year, feasts and fasting, the connection between the Ethiopian calendar and astronomy, zodiac and magic, the position of calendar in the life of Ethiopians and related issues were discussed. The major findings of the study lead the researcher to argue that descendants of Ham established the Ethiopian calendar. After the two states sovereignty, Copts reckoned their calendar in connection with the flooding of Nile and the appearance of Dog Star, whereas Ethiopians attached it with their climate. Another, yet, important finding is that the Ethiopians were the first people who bring into being the wisdom of astrology and astrology was the main instrument that produce calendar



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