Optimazation and Characterization of Extract Essential Oil from Zingiber Officinale and Evaluate Antimicrobial Effect

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Addis Ababa University


The demand projection in Ethiopia divulges that the domestic demands for essential oils are substantially increasing with time. This increasing demand of essential oil, such as ginger oil has opened up wide opportunities for global and local market and this leads to identify an optimum extraction technique to produce higher quality of a crude oil with higher yield locally. The parameters selected for the study was different solvent ratio with amount of 160ml, 200ml and 240ml, the particle size of 1 μm, 3μm and 5μm and also with residence time of 1hr, 2hr and 3hr. Response Surface Methodology (RSM) with Central Composite Design (CCD) with three levels factorial design is the statistical analysis used for optimization process of ginger oil yield. From the result obtained the final optimization value for high yield of ginger oil is at solvent ratio of 160 ml to 20 grams sample at 3hr residence time and the particle size is 3 μm and the major compound in ginger oil is zingiberene with 29.74% value and also the effect of ginger oil on antimicrobial shows the positive result. In conclusion, this study can be in food and medicinal sectors whose interested to engage in manufacturing natural antioxidant from ginger oil and also the results indicate it can substitutes the import synthetic preservative and save hard currency for the country.



Process Engineering