Information Support System for Energy Planning In Zambia

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Addis Ababa University


This study investigated the information support system for energy planning in Zambia and presents possible ways of strengthening the existing information system and services . A systems analysis has been carried out to evaluate the existing information services at the Energy Planning Unit and results presented and commented upon. Quality assurance characteristics have been used t o measure the relevancy, value and quality of information services and products for the energy planners and decision makers at the Energy Planning Unit. In this context, a user requirement analysis has also been done. Findings from the interviews with energy planners and decision makers are presented. In addition , a survey of t he information systems in in situations in the energy sector and those related to it has been carried out and proposals made f o r a mutually compatible manual and automated network arrangement. The draft proposals on national information policy f or Zambia is reviewed with the view t o examining the policy statements relating to the establishment of a coherent information infrastructure with particular reference to the energy sector in the country.



Information Science