Analysis of the Values and Impacts of Ecosystem Services Dynamics, and Valuation of Selected Provisioning Services in Hare River Catchment, Southern Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis intends to assess the dynamics of Ethio - U.S bilateral defense cooperation specifically by identifying the existing challenges to be resolved and that of prospects to build upon since 2011 till date. The thesis has mainly focused on revealing gaps on defense relations of the two countries. The study employs a qualitative research design of which case Study method is selected as it gives authority to the researcher to make the required descriptions and interpretations based on the collected data than the other methods. Besides, this design was found appropriate as the data collection tool and method was revisited a number of times based on the clues and information obtained along the way from one respondent to the other due to the secrecy of subject to prepare a comprehensive questionnaire from the very beginning. In so doing, the study makes use of purposive sampling techniques to choose those potential respondents on both parties to respond to an open ended items and document analysis were used as another important source of data. In relation to the document analysis; the MoU signed between the two countries, agreed meeting minutes, annual reports pertaining to the Ethio - U.S bilateral defense cooperation and the like were consulted. So far as the findings of this study are concerned; the bilateral defense cooperation and partnership of fighting terrorism is characterized by provision of finance, trainings, equipment’s, military advisory on the U.S. side whereas man power to the extent of sacrificing citizens lives has been contributed more of on the Ethiopia part ever since the agreement was signed. In this regard, the researcher finds it difficult to make comparisons whether or not the bilateral defense cooperation is founded on a balanced amount as the contributions on both sides as they are incomparable in the first place except that they are considered negotiable and made in agreement on both parties. The Ethio-U.S bilateral Defense cooperation still awaits further improvement above all to balance the relationship of the two countries. This thesis has tried its level best by analyzing the existing and possibly retrieved data, given the secrecy of the subject itself, attempted to arrive at concluding remarks in relation to the challenges and prospects of the bilateral defense cooperation. Key words: Challenges, Prospects, Bilateral Defense Cooperation, Terrorism, Security



Challenges, Prospects, Bilateral Defense Cooperation, Terrorism, Security