Sayh Ibrahim Affoso His manuscripts his contemporaries and the Halaba [Alaaba] society he lived in

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis sheds light on Halaba society and culture, especially as reflected in the contribution of its scholars and SaYb 'IbrahIm 'Affii$o in particular. The main aim is to emphasize their role in maintaining, improving and teaching the society. The thesis has seven chapters. The first chapter contains an introduction which lays out the structure of the study. The second chapter deals with the related literature written by non-Halaba scholars. The third chapter presents an outline of the Halaba ethnic group socially, culturally and linguistically. The fourth chapter shows the technical way of preparing and writing mss. in Halaba. The fifth chapter discusses the scholarly literature written by the Halabas. The sixth chapter, after presenting a brief biography SaYb 'IbrahIm' Affii$o, analyzes his mss. and particularly the genealogy manuscript, comparing it with other genealogical mss. The last chapter includes the conclusion, recommendations, a list of informants and the bibliography.