The Effectiveness of Listeners' Group as Behavioral Change Communication (BCC) Tools: Jember Radio Program in Focus

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis examines li steners' group as a tool for behavioral change communi cation with specific focus on Iember Radio program of Finote Selam city in Amhara regional state. The thesis employed theories of communication for behavioral change to understand the role of listeners' group in BCe. The research objectives are: to explore the scope and ways in whi ch listeners' groups are used as tool for behavioral change communication ; how the community is influenced through the practi ces of li steners and bring about attitudinallbehavioral change and explore how li steners of Iember plays the role of change agent through interpersonal communication. Li steners' group can encourage behavioral change through enhancing knowhows and facilitate interaction with the people even when people do not own and manage the situation. Hence, this research also examines how radio listeners' group help expand peoples' competence; how they disseminate the information they acquire from Iember radio program to the society and their acceptance among the society while doing so. The findings show that li steners' group in Finote Selam provide ordinary people with the opportunity to participate in media and development proj ects and second, they inform the people about maternal health issues which results in behavioral change on the issue. Through the participation of community opinion leaders in li steners' groups, it is possible to reach rural communities who does not have access to the media. The listeners' group fits with BCC approach in changing the harmful practices and behavior of the community on issues related with maternal health. Hence, this thesis concludes that listeners' group in Finote Selam area empowers each community member through practical decisions in their lives regarding to their. Acknowledgements



Group as Behavioral Change Communication, BCC, Radio Program in Focus