Implementation of Environmental Impact Assessment Proclamation: Challenges and Constraints.

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Addis Ababa University


The EIA proclamation No 29912002 is among the most ill1portant environlllentol legislations adopted by the country with a view to realize the constitutional rights of the people to live in healthy environment and to achieve sustainable development. However, there have been frequent instances of non compliance of projects with the relevant EIA law. Thus, the objective of this study is to indicate the challenges/or the effi!Ctive implementation of the EIA proclamation. In order to achieve the o~ject ive of the study, apart pom reviewing the relevant documentary . ~ literatures, questionnaire, key informant interview, andfocus group discussions were used as the major sources of data. Qualitative analyses were employed, and the analyses were multifaceted and iterative which eventually mirror out implementation challenges related with EIA regulatOlY regime, institutional capacity, judiciolsupport and incentive packages. The findings of the study revealed that, lack of adequate EIA supportive legislations and lack of institutional capacity on the side of relevant sectoral agencies were identified as major hindrance for the implementation of EIA law. Moreover, it is learned that the judicial support towards the enforcement of EIA has been totally neglected. EIA related violations were never reported to the police for prosecution leaving the EII1 enforcell1ent ineffective. Finally, the study indicates the absence of incentive packagcs towards EII1 prolllotion. There is no incentivc mcchanisll1s provided by the government and other stake holdersfrir the development projects and programs which have excellent £111 pel/ormance. Therefore, strengthening the legal foundation of£IA, improving the institUlional capacity of relevant environmental units, establishing PlL and improving the involvements of federal prosecution offices towards the enforcement of EIA related violations, and linking the provisions of inveslmenl incenlives wilh EIA pcrfimlloncc arc rccolllmended 10 improve thc ill1plell1cnlalion of the EIA legislation.



Environmental Impact