Analysis on Road Safety Inspection using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) Method A case study in Addis Ababa city

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Addis Ababa University


Road infrastructure safety is a world issue. Many researches have been done to solve road safety problems. There exist two types of internationally recognized engineering approaches to counter road safety problem, the Proactive and the Reactive approach. In the Reactive Approach, safety improvement interventions are taken after many accidents have already occurred. Whereas Proactive Approach encompasses accident prevention and adoption of corrective measures before accidents can take place. The main objective of this research is contributing to the overall effort in preventing accident occurrence proactively. The study uses both qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis. A simple random sampling was used to select the road section for road safety inspection. The analyses of the research mainly use analytical hierarchy process (AHP) method of pair wise comparisons to distinguish the road components that has a significant effect in contributing to the likelihood of road traffic accident by taking the focus group judgments. In addition two levels of AHP were used to select the road sections with good road way facilities. This study considers four major factors which are road geometry; road surface; traffic sign, road marking and lighting and road side environment. It’s found that the pavement surface condition and cross section of the roads are the significant factors in contributing to the accident occurrence. Finally, in conclusion, AHP is suitable for analyzing the qualitative findings of the field result and identification of the significant factors by keeping the consistency of the judgment. Key Words: - Road safety audit, Road safety inspection, Analytical hierarch process, Pairwise comparison.



Road safety audit; Road safety inspection; Analytical hierarch process; Pairwise comparison.