Assessment of Factors Affecting Employment Situations for Business Stream Regular Program Graduates of Entoto Technical and Vocational Education and Training College

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Addis Ababa University


This study was designed to assess the factors affecting employment situations of business stream graduates of Entoto TVET College. The study was undertaken in Addis Ababa, by taking business stream graduates of Entoto TVET College. The major sources of data for the study were 208 graduates, 20 employing organizations, 3 deans of the college, 3 guidance officers of the college, and one official from education bureau of Addis Ababa. Responses were categorized and inserted in to the SPSS and then frequency count, percentage, weighted mean, rank order and T-test were employed. The results of the study generally revealed that large number of graduates were unemployed. Moreover very small numbers of graduates were self-employed and employed in different sectors. Lack of labor market infonnation and vocational guidance service for graduates were observed. It was identified that the main causes of graduates unemployment were 1) constraints in finance,2) lack of confidence and management ability 3)the loose connection between employing organizations and the college, 4) limitation in practical skills, and above all absence of labor market infonnation system. The points recommended were, providing financial support schemes for graduates to encourage selfemployment, enable trainees to develop self-confidence, strengthening the relation between employing organizations and the college, and provision of labor market infonnation for trainees