Critical Discourse Analysis of Media Presupposition in Rein forcing Ideology: The Case of Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The a im of thi s study is to uncover how a particular kind of in stitution is reinforcing its ideology throug h journ a li s t's fa ir or unfair presupposition of information/knowle dge , which is done by using Ham li n Fistula Ethiopi a as its case. To thi s cnd , thc study reveals the poss ibl e id eo lo g ical goa l does such presupposit ion a ttempt to achieve. The s tudy focu ses on a set of media discourses r egarding the rol e and contribution of th e hospital in c uring obste tric fi s tu la patients. Two art icles and two documentary programs are undertaken for analysis. [n orde r to realize the stated objectives, the s tudy adheres critical di scou rse analysis as th e main methodological tool and Van Dijk soc io-cognitive theory, presupposition and relevan ce theory, and theory of privacy as the theoretical framewo rks. The analysis indicates that there is a consciou sly or uncon sc iou s ly unfa ir presupposition of journal is ts as well as probably fair kinds of presupposition too. As a result, the study extract that unfair pres uppo sed inform ation/ know ledge might lead audiences to in vest in too much process ing effOit for the amou nt of cognitive effect they wis h to achieve so that the in stitution would underpin its id eology.



Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia