The Palace of Guzara And its Environs: its Heritage Management and Conservation

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Addis Ababa University


The Palace of Guzara and its Environs: its Heritage Management and Conservation Kedir Endris Addis Ababa University, 2018 Ethiopia is both fortunate and unfortunate as far as Cultural Heritage Management is concerned. It is fortunate because the country at large and the study area in particular are home for various heritages. Unfortunately, it is very unfortunate that we are unable to take care of our spectacular cultural heritages. As a result, they are all in a deplorable state which could be totally damaged soon unless immediate action is devised. The problem is becoming intense as these heritages are not adequately researched, documented, conserved, and promoted. The study assessed the management and conservation of Guzara Palace and its surrounding monuments, located in the Woredas of Gonda Zuria and Libo Kemkem, Amhara National Regional state, North West Ethiopia. To attain the objective of the research, seven heritages namely, the Palace of Guzara, Dil Amba Giorgis Church, Gobatit Dildey, Debsan/Debresan Gemb, Bahri Gemb, Debre Mitmak Cave Church, and Washa Endrias Cave Church were selected purposely based on the objective of the research. In order to collect data, the researcher conducted serious field observation, and field survey. And, field data recording tools were also used to collect information on the field. Interview was also employed to collect data (23 informants were selected purposely). Additionally, the researcher has also consulted secondary sources from previous researches, books, internet sources, and regional and Wereda’s documents. To analyze the gathered data, qualitative method was used. The finding of the study shows that all of the selected monuments of the study area are in a deplorable state. The study reveals that both man-made and natural-made hazards were the cause for the deterioration of the heritages. This is due to the less attention given for the protection, preservation, and conservation of the monuments by the government. This shows that Heritage Management activity in the study area is negligible. Hence, immediate preservation and conservation measures are crucial to keep the resources from any threat, to use it for sustainable development and transfer to the next generation



The Palace of Guzara And its Environs: its Heritage Management and Conservation