An Assessment on the Contribution of Wachemo University to the Development of Local Good Governance, and Socio-Economic Transformation

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This research is intended to assess the contribution of the Wachemo University on the development of local good governance, and socio-economic transformation. To achieve the proposed goal mixed approaches are taken as a suitable methodology and an explorative and descriptive methods are applied within the mixed approaches. Primary data are collected through interviews, questionnaires, physical observation, and group discussions. To connect the expected and actual role of the university with the scholarly discussions on the concerning issues, books, journals, researches, websites, and different university documents are used as a source of information. Wahcemo University is one among many government universities in Ethiopia. As a University, it is expected to bridge knowledge and technology to the community and the government around. If so, its contributions are multidimensional for the achievements of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It was established to run the teaching-learning process, do researches, and transfer technologies through community service. The assessment result informs that the university is in good progress in developing the admitting capacity of students and expansion of education access to its area. Its contribution on socio-economic transformation is encouraging because the University provides job opportunities for many, caused business creation for local people, and has adopted different technologies and introduced them to the local people. Certain functions of the University could create awareness on good governance and democracy in its local area; however, they were not strong enough to affect good governance issues positively. Actual Problem-solving researches concerning governance and the interconnection of the university with different governmental sectors are the remaining shortcoming. Particularly, the problem of local governance is a non-touched issue by the university and the influence is insignificant. Keywords: Governance, Socio-economic Transformation, University, Sustainable Development



Sustainable Development, Socio-economic Transformation