Preparation, Optimization and Characteristics of pharmaceutical Grade Corn Starch from local corn Using Acetylated Method

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Addis Ababa University


Corn starch was extracted from local corn (Melkasa-2) obtained from Melkasa Agricultural Research Center. And this extracted corn starch synthesized by the reaction of corn starch with acetic anhydride in the presence of acetic acid under varying reaction temperature and time. The result was with different value of degree of substitution (minimum DS= 0.26 and maximum DS=2.38) and different value acetyl percent (minimum Ac=6.45 and maximum Ac=43.29). The effects of temperature and time on acetylated modified corn starch were that as time and temperature increase the acetyl percentage and degree of substitute also increase. The Infrared spectrophotometer was demonstrated that the spectra of acetylated modified corn starch and the standard corn starch (commercially available pharmaceutical grade) had similar chromatogram or finger print. The swelling power and solubility of acetylated modified corn starch was higher than that of native starch. The moisture content (5.78%) was also in the range of commercially available(NMT 15%) and also other physicochemical property like sulphated ash (0.198%), bulk density of normal (0.725) and acetylated modified (0.726) corn starch was not significant, and also the water binding capacity (WBC) g/g of native starch is higher than of acetylated modified corn starches. All the above chemical and physicochemical property of acetylated modified corn starch parameter fulfilled the criteria of commercially available pharmaceutical grade starch. From the above result it is conclude that its possible to prepare pharmaceutical acetylated corn starch. Key words: Acetylated modified corn starch



Acetylated modified corn starch