Injuries in Urban Factories of Ketena one

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e x poser; durjn~ a one year pp.riod ! fro!;} Novc' llIher I. I !IIJti •• pto Octobe r 3 1, l Y87 ,. i n e!rvRn Kclenn Une ¥actor ie s, giving n rate of HO accidenls per ,i UOU wor k,~r3 yea,.. Of those who sustained i. ndustria'! accidents, ,!t;1j ('15%) were male and 89 125%) temale, l>:ivinR rates 0 1 \1\1.1 accidents per 1000 person years at risk for maieR and 51) Ilccid"nts per 1000 person years at risk for fe males. Y.oun~ mal.:~ workers have about twice as mu(;h risk of accidents RS young female wo rkers. TI,e highest accident rat e occurr ed in those who hud worked 5 or less ye ~r s and in tho~ r who had elementary "ducat ion. The lowest ,,-ccident rate wn s observed in t.hose who wi th literacy campaign . 1.he age p: roup 15 The h i ghest accident rale occllrrp.d In 19 ye~l r8 , whil~ t.he i.ow(':sL r'IlLf"! Wtl.H in the age group. 50 - 54 years. Wide variation in accident rates was noted between various factories. Max imum frequenGY of accid",nt" took pl nc r. in t.wo o f I.h", Aleven factories. the average. Where rates were 8,b times .realer than IH1, by or a~"inRt and fall were the commonest acr.idents. H1t by obj ect fallin~ from h e i g ht, was tile thi,·d commorlest l ype of acc ident. 'l'hc~e t.ypes t o!{ e th e r e1luRed more I.han 'v i j ~! .) * . tV u ..... . 0 I .. ul t.he' acl.. I J e- IIt.. :=; . f he ('OIllIU()lIe :..i L rcslt j tU Il !. ) I) III r 1 c..:~ ~. oget.h " r ac c 0 un Lcd r o r 6 5, P% of Lil t' to t ,L1 . Of the :357 acc ident:;; thi1L o ccurred over the OIl<' ,"Pi\[' pPI' iod, only two re.8ulled i n pal'ljul d i ~3ablC' ll\ (" nL ano no tl p-albs h"€'I'€ noted. In g cnC'rnl Lhc (le e ide-tits \.~·('r(" ()i a mi not" lIa t.tlI"€. The hishe:;;t number of accidents were o bserVEd OIl Mondays 83 (23,3%) und the 1 0""'-;1. on Fri el(1Y ',) ,17 t 1 :l~~, I . }'c alt t ilTl~ f()r accidents ,,'as mid-morn i n s b etwEo:Jl 9 alld ) 0 AM, The expenditure' est lrnalf"d for trenLmenL and compensa"Lion p a j d by in 3. U 1:' an G e n 111 () U 11 t E.t d to una v e r 0. g e 0 f 760 . B 5: Ethiopian Birr per occ ident , Th e "lcvcn f act.or i es paid a t otal of 250, 0 49,',2 Ethiopia Birr, "as paid out all claims, .... ·hic h is on l y 6.5% of the taLal. :i n s u r ance prt"mi urns pnid. Tb cz 10s3 of 27,44U man- hours in foclo r lt"'s in KpLp rHl Unp In Addis /\baba bn" t he potenLjal to "rr"ct. :;ro s s dom£ ::; Lic p roduct jon ~",'ht!n it is projec-Led to co \' ~ r fact () rlP:: o f t he lit~~;ide:..:; the c o s t illvol\'pd~ 1 h .. I.:tbo,' th:Jt would hu\.'~ Leen u::;ed f O l~ producl na: ,;.t o od~.:; and ::-i('l "V i C I"!::; i::; wasted du .. to accident.s. E:;lablishj pg "ar .. ty comm ittees by · it" ... .lf do"" n o t "unrall tee su cc ps s ill reducing t i,e inJu.y t o ll but a c L;\" !2 and fu n ct.ioning safety c o mmil.tce-- s- t il t.h ~ :;, ' t<.l c tor·jt' ~ ma y bEl '-' j i j 10 accjd c nt~ and thus ul\"I.ltnl.i.,:!iy bel'lrr!t ' ll~ th(' ("()Un\,l'~"" H.~ a .... hole. The nighest nccieient rate occur-r"d wi Ch thosE' WilD had worked 5 years and beJ ow a!lei wi t.1I those who had "I " "',,nt.ary education. Of the 357 accidents over the one yea" pe r-iod two ,·""uLl.ed in purtial disablement. but no death were n oL~d. The eXf1endi t UTe cs1. i mated t.o wards 1. ,. eat In e /l t and compensat ion BmoHIlt.",d 10 7t;U.H!) Ethjopian Birr for ('nc h of the accident . The pl("'v~n factoY'i"!s pald a toLaJ o f 250~0 4~~.7:l Ethiopian B!"'r for f\c c i~ fenL ilJ3ut't1tlC e i n ~ the year while 1 6 , 259.72 !'; lJir.· , wh :ieh JS t;.h% of the i nsurance wa~ rM id nut on ~)Bims. s ucces~ in reducinJit the injury toll, but- un Hc1.ive 1)nd fu nct.~onin~ safety c ommi t.t.p-p may be in~tr·um~nLf.ll in r:t:is inJ;( a wareness and thus u ltimately i n creas i n~ Mn f eLy in facto r ies . The los» of ~7 , 440 ~8 n -h ours in factories III KeLp,,,, On(' in Addis Ababa has the pO Lenti al to affect Kross d"m('s Lic prod uction whell il. Ll projected ~.o cover I'nc Lor i,., ,, or t he ~hojc: (:ounLr,Y i n Lhnt the Jabor thllt wou ld have "~H"d 1'0" produ c;nJl f{t""tod~ nnd ~r. r" i(;("~ i? WH~t.rd dup to n'(·f:id(~nt~ .



Injuries in Urban Factories of Ketena one