Application of Modern Formwork Systems in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The quality of resulting concrete can be dictated by the quality of formwork materials and workmanship. Many concrete related problems such as discoloration, stains, and dusting are attributed to concrete formwork. Formwork operations are also risky and workers are exposed to unsafe working conditions. Moreover traditional formwork construction has negative impact on the environment. The objectives of this research are to assess the current practices of formwork construction in Ethiopia and identify problems such as loss of productivity, delay of projects, safety problems and environmental effects. Recommendations of modern formwork systems which alleviate such problems are also the objective of this thesis. The study was conducted by taking formwork systems of the famous formwork producing and renting company, PERI Germany, as the case study. Almost all the products of the company were studied through desk study. Questionnaires and interviews were conducted among contractors in Addis Ababa to get relevant data which helps to achieve the objectives of this thesis. Formwork rental companies and regulatory bodies in Addis Ababa were also interviewed. The results of the research show that alternative formwork materials are not well known and used in Ethiopian construction industry. Steel panels and timber are the prominent formwork materials. The use of modern formwork systems will increase the local labor productivity to ten times the traditional one. About 60% of the total time will be saved if new construction systems are adopted by construction firms in Ethiopia. Formwork construction practice in Ethiopia is not safe and environmentally friendly. Seventy nine percent of the respondents have recent record of injury and death which emanates from formwork construction. Finally, modern formworks such as MULTIFLEX, TRIO, QUATTRO and UZ are assessed and recommended for major construction projects in Ethiopia.



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