An Exploratory Research on Stepchildren’s Experiences in the Stepparent Households: The Case of Kolfe Keranyo Sub city, Addis Ababa

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Studying the experiences of stepchildren is very essential for both the wellbeing of child in particular and the well functioning of the family in general as a unit. The present study explored children’s situation with the aim of understanding experiences of stepchildren in their own scrutiny. The study utilized data from eight convenience and purposively selected individuals through sentence completion, story writing and interview. A thematic analysis is used to analysis the data The study clearly indicated that stepchildren appeared to experience unfriendly family environment which can impact their wellbeing. In fact, there were stepchildren who have friendly family environment. Children from stepparent household experience educational impediment as well as less contact with their nonresidential parent/families-best interest of the child. Stepchildren also appear to have less genuine relationship with their stepparent, which plays major role for the involvement of the stepparents for betterment of the child life. Physical abuse, less intimacy with stepparent, emotional abuse, and ignorance by stepparents are also more likely exhibited in the stepparent households. Similarly, stepchildren experience discriminatory action by their stepparents. Stepchildren live in the stepmother households appear to experiences those situations more than children from stepfather households. Stepparents are recommended to develop harmonious relationship with their stepchild for both the wellbeing of the child and the family unit through promoting trust relationship, children emotion and positive reaction for child requests. Social workers support is essential here to promote the wellbeing of the child. Indeed, family policies need to clarify the relationship of stepchildren and stepparent in the household-what is the responsibility of stepparent for child?



Stepparent household; Stepparent; Stepchildren; Experience