Evaluation of the reliability of preoperative Descriptive airway assessment tests in prediction Of Cormack-Lehane score

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Addis Ababa University


Abstract Background: Difficult intubation, inadequate ventilation and esophageal intubation are the principal causes of death or brain damage related to airway manipulation. Several clinical signs have been identified as predictors of difficult laryngoscopy or difficult tracheal intubation, including the Mallampati score, mouth opening, and the thyromental distance, and body mass index. However, the sensitivity and predictive positive values of these signs are low, precluding an accurate prediction of difficult tracheal intubation Objective: To evaluate the reliability of preoperative descriptive airway assessment tests in prediction of the Cormack-Lehane score. Materials &methods: After Ethical Committee approval, Institutional based prospective cross sectional study was conducted from April to September, 2018 on patients presented to TASH major OR undergoing surgery under general anesthesia. Preanesthetic evaluation was done including Mallampati classification, IID, NRM &TMD. Data on sociodemographic characteristics, preanesthetic airway assessment& laryngoscopic view were collected. Data was analyzed by SPSS version 23. Result: The incidence of laryngoscopic view grade 2 or more is 26.4%. There is statistically significant correlation between laryngoscopic views and IID, NRM &TMD although there is no statistically significant with mallampati classifications.



inadequate ventilation and esophageal intubation