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Title: The Status Of Investigative Journalism During The First Gtp (2011-2015): Ebc And Fbc In Focus
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Debashis Chakrabarti (Professor)
Ashenafi, Ararsa
Keywords: Growth and Transformation Plan
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: This research was conducted to examine the status of investigative journalism during the First Growth and Transformation Plan, in EBC ‘Aynachin’ and FBC ‘Teguazh Neqash’ programs. To conduct this study, the researcher employed a qualitative research approach. Sample programs from both media institutions were collected to examine the practice of investigative journalism. In addition, in-depth interview was also used to get the required data from the respondents for the study. Content analysis of the sample programs were critically analyzed depending on the criteria and standards of investigative journalism. The findings of the study indicated that the status of investigative journalism in EBC, during GTP I was at an early stage with lots of gaps and problems. The majority of respondents agreed on the absence of proper investigative journalism in EBC. In addition, the respondents approved that there are media law gaps to access sufficient information to practice this profession. ‘Aynachin’ program mainly focused on land issues and government institutions which fail to promote democracy, good governance, fighting corruption and other malpractices. The main sources of the program were the public appeal. ‘Aynachin’ program lacked details, accuracy, depth, scope and follow up. On the other hand, even though ‘Teguazh Neqash’ program was broadcasted as investigative journalism in FBC, it did not follow the format of investigative journalism and did not fulfill the standards of investigative journalism; therefore, it is totally public commentary. The major challenges to practice investigative journalism in the media were government officials’ intervention, lack of media managers and government commitment and lack of professionalism.
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