The Economic Value of Children and Some Correlates and Determinants of the Demand for Children: An Empirical Study from North-Western Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The search for the factors affecting fertility has been given great attention with the hope that the outcome may help in formulation and implementation of population policy. To this end, several factors have been investigated by many researchers. Among such factors, the value of children in general and economic value of children in particular is believed to play an important role. It is believed that the value of children is interrelated with fertility behavior. Along this line, the search for the factors affecting economic value of children and its linkage with fertility behavior is the main theme of this paper.The study has attempted to make use of parental perception of the economic value of children and it tries to explore its relationship with some socio -economic and demographic variables. The data used in this study is collected using sample survey from three different areas of Gonder region, which is located north west of Ethiopia. The survey was conducted during the month of April, 1993. The target population comprises individuals with child bearing experience and still with the possibility of having a child. The results of the study revealed that parents perception of economic value of children vary significantly with socio-economic and demographic j variables. The study has also attempted to explore some correlate~ and determinants of the demand for additional children. It is found that, generally, socio-economic and demographic variables have similar effect both on the economic value of children variables and indicators of the demand for children. The study concludes by identifying variables that can have desirable policy implication towards lower fertility. It is indicated that taking measures to lower the value of children will create conducive situation to alter the attitude towards high fertility



Economic Value of Children