Assess Tourism Resources and Its Development Challenges in Sekela Wereda, West Gojjam, Amhara National Regional State, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


This study is planned to assess tourism resources and its development opportunities and challenges in Sekela Wereda. To achieve objectives of the study, the researcher employed quantitative and qualitative research methods. Both primary and secondary data were used to assess the resources as well as development opportunities and challenges. To collect the primary data, observation and interview were employed for tourism experts and religious leaders in West Gojjam Culture and Tourism Office and Sekela Wereda Culture and Tourism Office as well as religious institutes. In addition, personal observation was also conducted. The analysis of the study exposed that Sekela Wereda has natural and cultural tourism resources. From the natural tourism resources are sources of Blue Nile, Caves and landscapes. There are also various cultural tourism resources such as holy water, building, and artifacts. The availability of tourism resources and the government attention are opportunities of the Wereda to develop tourism. Even though the Wereda has these tourism resources, they have not well developed and utilized due to various factors such as lack of infrastructure, lack of accommodations, lack of awareness about the tourism resources, are among the factors that hinder tourism resources development in Sekela Wereda. Therefore, it is recommended that to develop infrastructures such as roads and other tourist facilities to visit and stay tourist long time in the area. It is needed collaboration among different stakeholders such as government and private companies as well as religious institutions to develop and exploit tourism resources of the study area.